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Mr John Duffin ,  the first Principal of St. Kevin's Primary School.

Mr Raymond Mount Principal 1956-1973

Mr Pat McManus, The Last Principal of the old St Kevin's School. Mr McManus had been taught at the school as a child and had this to say of Mr Duffin, the then Headmaster ...  “He was someone special, a god like figure with an aura of authority, of stern discipline and uncompromising principles. I was to grow to learn, however, as the years went by, just how much gentleness and compassion were hidden under the gruff exterior. His effect on pupils and parents alike can well be summed up in a composition written for me by an eight year old pupil. The boy had related how his dog had followed him to school and had sat waiting for him at the classroom door. Then in a change to the present tense, he wrote, “Mr. Duffin comes along the corridor. He sees my dog. He shouts. The school shakes.”

The star of the school concert

Deborah Graham

Free Counters

The Old Saint Kevin's School

Very early teachers in the school's history

Opening Day of the new St. Kevin's School

Actors from the opening day concert

Sports Day at the new St. Kevin's School